Boring statistics about why the Wii U doesn’t suffer as much as people claim – 2014-07-17

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After realizing that for the next 6 or so months, the Wii U only had about 5 games scheduled to be released (In Europe), I got curious, and decided to check the software status of the current-gen consoles.
And it doesn’t help that I constantly read about people saying “The Wii U has no good games”.
Sure, it could be better, we could have more releases. Like, let’s say… Fatal Frame 5?

Anyway, using, and as sources, I’ve come to find these numbers. (Discrepancies might occur, but should be fairly accurate.)

So far, released games (I will only count actual retail games) are:
Wii U – 101
Xbox One – 52
PS4 – 48

Which seems reasonable, considering the Wii U has been out for, almost, twice as long. But this also brings me to the conclusion that, well, the PS4 and Xbone are both barren landscapes. Still.

So, often the most important question, how many exclusives does that make? Those are the interesting ones, yes?
Wii U – 31
Xbox One – 6
PS4 – 3

A few of the ones for Wii U is shovelware, although, it is not anywhere near as bad as the Wii “situation” was like. With 21-23 titles being good, or great. And a few mediocre and bad ones.
But still, fact is, that’s five times as many as the Xbone, and ten times the amount for the PS4. In just double the time. And I actually thought the Wii U had a horribly slow and painful start.

But, surely, looking at how barren the release schedule for the Wii U is, surely PS4 and Xbone must be in a better spot. So let’s take a look at the announced, but as of yet unreleased games:
Wii U – 38
Xbox One – 30
PS4 – 37

How many of those are exclusives then?
Wii U – 13
Xbox One – 5
PS4 – 4

Seinfeld - nope - fuck this

That makes the total amount of released & announced games:
Wii U – 140
Xbox One – 82
PS4 – 81

With the number of exclusives ticking in at:
Wii U – 44 (31.4%) (About two thirds of these are third party, before someone asks)
Xbox One – 11 (13.4%)
PS4 – 7 (8.6%)

So, my incentive for getting an Xbone or PS4 at this moment in time? Basically non-existent as I’m tired of most FPS games.
I have no doubt that the Xbone and PS4 will get better with time, but right now, they’re just not worth it. (Unless someone releases Peggle 3 as an exclusive or Microsoft stops hitting people in the dick and just releases a proper Conker game. Or anything classic Rare\Rareware)
I will probably get both Sony and MS’s offerings in 2015 though, because I am a weak, weak person.

Lastly, I’ve omitted cancelled games from stats above, but they would be:
Wii U – 7 (EA refusing to support platform before it has sold more units)
Xbox One – 1 (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots)
PS4 – 2 (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots & Primal Carnage: Genesis)

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